Disorganized People

If you want to be more organized in every area of your life, avoid disorganized people. You will need to know how to work around these people. It is far easier to avoid getting involved with people who are not organized. But that is easier said, than done.

The more disorganized person, persons or groups will drag down the organized one.

This would include where you work, you friends, your extended family and even your spouse.

Let's look at these different areas:

Your work.

There is usually enough organization at work to be decent. There is a standard starting time, lunch time and ending time. There is usually some sort of rule book or general rules so employees are not completely in the dark.

That is good.

There is usually some sort of filing system, place to put your stuff, place for you to work and a normal day to get paid.

All good so far.

Then there is the actual work itself. This is where the trouble lies.

The easier the work, the easier it will be to create standards, routines and ways of working for your workers.

A store has stuff to sell. You want people to grab the stuff, take it to the checkout, pay for it and leave. You just need a clerk to scan the items in, take the money and bag up the stuff. The hard part about adding up the amount of money, figuring the taxes, total amount, calculating the change and keeping track of the inventory that is sold is done by your cash register.

The person doing the clerking is doing a task that is not very difficult.

Once you start having tasks that are more complicated than that, your type of business will increase in complexity.

Your personal relationships with friends, family and even your spouse will probably test your organizing ability to it's limits.

My ex-wife thought she was organized. But what she was really a pack rat who was overwhelmed with mountains of stuff that she loved more than me.

I eventually left her and am so much happier to be living in an organized way treating myself with the dignity and respect that she would not do.

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