Portable Filing System

Some sort of portable filing system is really nice to have. You need some way to keep your papers organized when you are in your car and away from your home of office.

I saw a guy in Burger King the other day with a huge stuffed wallet.

It was in his back pocket and you couldn't miss it.

The guy was tall and thin but his wallet was fat.

I could tell it wasn't thick with money either. White papers were sticking out of it. Most likely the papers were receipts.

He probably had some type of job, like truck driving, where he had to request reimbursement for expenses so he has to keep the receipts. He probably lost some receipts some time and wherever he worked would not reimburse his expenses without a receipt. He is probably determined to get back every cent he pays that he is eligible for. So, he has to keep all these receipts.

If you have that type of job you need some type of portable system that you keep in your vehicle.

I would rather have a nice thin wallet with plenty of money in it. Money is not that thick unless you have all singles or 1000's of dollars in small bills.

A better system for keeping receipts on you but not in your wallet is to have a Planner Book with some pockets to temporarily keep the receipts until you process them.

Then you have to actually spend a few minutes processing them. I think it is helpful to circle or highlight the date and dollar amount right on the receipt. That way it is simpler to keep the receipts organized chronologically and it is easier to sum up the total money spent.

You just keep the planner book with you in your vehicle. You don't have to carry it into every restaurant and store. Leave it in your vehicle. When you get back to the vehicle, just slide the receipt safely into the pocket.

I carry mine to the office every day. It is with me at the office and when I am home. It isn't that heavy.

I don't carry it around me on the weekend or the evening unless I am working on a project and want the information it contains.

My planner book is either on my office desk, at home, in my car or in my hand. There are only 4 places it can be.

It just seems that as soon as you have more than a few receipts in your wallet it gets very thick.

By the way, the Franklin Planner people have an envelope that fits in their planner book that is just right for filing receipts.

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