Get Organized At Work

Why get organized at work? If you have any hope of doing well at your job, making more money and feeling like you are earning your pay, making a contribution and want to stay employed, you will see the value in being more organized. A lot of people resist the idea of getting more organized in what they do for living.

Some of the excuses are:

1. Isn't my boss supposed to do that?

2. Why should I, the pay is the same?

3. Its too much effort. I just want to put in my time.

4. I just have a stupid job anyway.

5. I am too low in the chain of command to make a difference.

6. I am more creative in a mess.

7. I am too busy to get organized.

8. Einstein's desk was messy, and he was a genius.

9. No one cares if I have a messy desk. I work in the back room.

10. I am the boss, so I'll do what I want.

11. My job doesn't involve paperwork, so this doesn't apply to me.

12. I work with my hands as a tradesman , so I don't need to be organized.

13. I am an artist and if I am organized I will not be able to express myself.

14. My boss tells me what to do. I don't want to rock the boat.

15. I can't get organized at work, it's against union rules.

16. That's not my job.

17. It's too hard to get my co-workers to get organized.

18. I work so hard and am so tired from work that I do not have enough energy to improve my life,

19. I have a great memory and do not need to write anything down on list.

20. I do not know where to start to get organized, especially how to get small parts organized.

21. I don't know how to write articles or develop an online writing business or do work on the internet.

I think these excuses are just all wrong. Being organized and on top of things is a better way to be. It can help you advance in your career. It can help you to stay employed. It is certainly more satisfying.

Getting more work done will make your days at work more enjoyable. And it is just the right thing to do.

Think of the opposite of the things on the list above. You will just be a messy, slob who doesn't care, doesn't get much done, is the butt of jokes and will be the first to be let go in a downturn.

If you work for yourself you will not make as much money as you can and will have all the additional stress that goes with being disorganized.

Is that what you want?

I didn't think so.

Check out the rest of my site. I have a lot of different ideas throughout the site that will show you my way of being organized at home, at life and at your work.

Get organized at work, it will really help.

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