Office Organization Ideas

Your success at work depends in part on your office organization abilities. Any job that has some paper work would fall into this category.

Here are some of my top tips to improve you productivity at work:

1) Make an exact copy of everything you send to someone. Having reduced copies or copies in your computer does not help when someone calls with a question or a co-worker or boss needs to find something in the file. It is so surprising that this is not mandatory procedure. To me this is one of the most important office organization ideas if you work with a number of people.

2) Organize your email. Every project or contact, depending on the type of work you do, should have its own folder. Then when you are done reading the email and have acted on it you place it into its folder. Don't delete it. I keep my folders until I am sure the project is over. By doing this you are keeping your inbox uncluttered. The only thing in you inbox will be emails you have not read and emails you need to act on.

3) Use your planner book and checklists to keep track of what you are doing and what needs to be done. I have yet to meet anyone smart enough to do a lot of things without some type of planner book or checklist system. Lots of people do not do this and they are the ones who don't get much done. Using a planner book is the top office organization idea for everyone in every situation.

4) Keep your most used reference material at your fingertips. There is nothing more annoying than having to get up to retrieve reference material when you are right in the middle of something.

5) Make good use of the stapler, paper clips and binder clips. I am always amazed to go through someone else's files and find papers that should have been stapled together. It only takes a second to staple. It is not that hard. If the papers are not stapled together, how can you tell they go together without reading most of all the sheets? You can't. You have to read most of the sheets, which is the problem. It is a total waste of time. Staple, staple, staple. If where you work does not provide you a big stapler for yourself you know you are in a poorly run organization. Bring your own stapler in that case and start looking for another job. Poorly run organizations don't last.

6) Keep the top of your desk as clear as possible so that you have the room to do your paperwork. I get sick to my stomach whenever I see people doing paperwork over piles of other paperwork.

7) Here is how I organize my desk at the office. I am a civil engineer but I think the layout works well for any right handed person in every type of office organization.

I keep my computer on the right side of the desk. I keep my phone, stapler, tape, staple remover and rolodex on the left side of the desk. I have a 2 tray file holder located at the upper left hand side of the desk. I keep my planner book at the center top of the desk. To the right of the planner book I have my water glass, tissue, coffee cup, calculator and container filled with pens/highlighter/scissors and envelope opener. The majority of the center of the desk is open to do work on.

I also have a big drafting table for working on big plan sheets. I keep pencil, pens, eraser, scale, triangle and pad of paper tucked along the right hand side of this desk so that the majority of the table is available for plans.

8) Have your drawers set up properly to suit what you are doing. Keep the things you use occasionally in the drawers and not on the top of your desk. Do not put work in you desk. Work itself needs to be on top of the desk.

9) Minimize personal belongings in your office. Maybe I go to an extreme here. I have no personal pictures up or no artwork. I have no knickknacks or toys. I just have my engineering plaques on the wall, my water glass, my coffee cup and a radio I never turn on.

10) Avoid talking to co-workers as much as possible. I keep aloof. I'm friendly but I rarely talk. I work. When I am not working I don't bother others. That is my biggest complaint about office conversations. When one person is bored, that person will talk to others and now two people are not working instead of one.

11) You don't follow the office organization tips from this article.

12) Work hard while you are there, don't cause trouble and read through these ideas on how to stay employed. 13) Spend most of your time at the office working, not tending to your beverages.

14) Here are some more ideas at this link:

Office Tips and Ideas

These office organization ideas have really helped me in my career.

Get Organized Now for more ideas on getting organized.

In any job or anything of doing anything of value, the key is to take action.

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