How to Throw Things Out

Some people live in places where it is more difficult to throw things out. Either you will be limited as to what you can throw, when you can throw, how much you can throw and how expensive it is to throw things away.

I have lived in areas where I had an almost unlimited ability to throw things out. I love that ability. It is so nice to just throw anything away without difficulty.

When I lived in a big City the garbage men would take whatever you put at the curb. I think they probably hated me when we were remodeling because we would fill the curb with all the construction debris that would fit on the curb. We would have the entire area from curb to sidewalk along our entire 40 foot frontage stacked high with debris. Once I even left them a 6 pack of soda. But, it was there job to pick up trash, so maybe it was all good. The point is that it did not cost me anything to throw out tons of plaster, lathe, wood, carpeting and whatever else was generated by the remodeling.

My parents live in a rural area where they have to pay $1 for every bag that they take to the local dump. People in this area use those huge black contractor bags filled to their limit. They burn all their paper and as much plastic as they can in their outdoor burning barrels. They bury all their leftover food in the garden. They sell their aluminum. Some people probably still bury whatever other garbage they have in their back fields. Even one dollar is too much.

The problem still remains about bigger items. Appliances, tires, toilets, TV's, computers and furniture.

You will have to pay a lot of money to get rid of things like that unless you think more creatively like this:

1) You break up and smash these things so that you can fit them into the contractor bags. A big maul, safety glasses, leather gloves and a heavy blanket over these things and a big thing can be reduced to tiny pieces. Chain saws, sawzalls, and any saw with a metal cutting blade will help you make something big into something small.

2) You can break things down enough so that they can be easily tossed at the gas station or store garbage cans.

3) Throw these things away where you work. Park close to the dumpster and come in earlier than anyone else.

Obviously, you will have to be sly about this. Someone may turn you in.

But think about it, you probably already clean your car of debris each time you gas up. What is another small bag? You keep your work area picked up too, why not just add a little more?

I still like the beating down the big stuff into small pieces the best. It is satisfying to do stuff like that. Just make sure you put a big, heavy blanket over whatever it is you are beating on so it does not fly all over the place. Wear eye protection and gloves. long sleeves, pants and boots.

Doing this to your old computer and cell phone is vital. You do not want to give these things away before totally destroying them.

Normally it is much easier for City dwellers to deal with their garbage. But where ever you live it is possible to get rid of anything you need to get rid of.

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